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From Bland to Brand.

The idiot-box enjoys an impressive amount of attention from every age group today. Everyone is hooked onto it and can spare a good amount of time watching or scanning through channels.

Each advertisement break is a crucial moment, both for the audience and the brands featured in the advertisements. We need to cash in on that moment to grab their attention and let them have a glimpse of products or services they desire but are reluctant because of inadequate information. The advertisements provide them with just the right amount of information needed to convince them to buy it.

AVG aims to announce itself as a print cum production house dabbling in various forms of the medium.

Infomercials are a great tool to send across the message with maximum impact. The effect to which they are being exploited can be argued. This is indeed the era of online revolutions and AVG Group aims at bringing out the best in your brand through a variety of media exploiting each one of these media to their best use.

We have helped brands to develop high level brand videos and online shows, from educational to inspirational. It’s a boon to communicate.


The only limits are as always the limits of vision.

Radio is a blind medium. It plays with the listener’s emotions by creating an ambience around him and creating simulating effects by blending together a plethora of sounds. But it is hard to engage the listener for long who might want to move around more but is forced to sit down and listen. Also, listening to a radio requires no physical work as all one needs to do is plug in and listen, work can be done simultaneously.

The attention span is very small, so the message needs to be transferred quickly but the registration has to be impactful.

Team AVG, completely dedicated to the cause of creativity has tasted immense success with the radio projects it has taken up in the past and aims to achieve that in the future as well.

We help you crack radio advertisements, colorfully playing around with jingles and songs.

Creativity is at its peak when we use the audio medium to promote or endorse any product by exploiting the tools of that medium to our advantage.

What can’t be seen, can be heard!

And what can be heard, can be done by us. We at AVG Advertising Agency help you with the tact needed to present a product awaiting a grand reception from the audience. We compare, review and analyze the recent market trends to help you fare well in the industry.

There are two elements that together make up a radio advertisement: the campaign or the usual style of an ad And jingles

The Campaign

The campaign forms an integral part of the radio and it helps target a wide variety of audience. It basically refers to the traditional style of an advertisement campaign which comprises of the usual word or dialogues. It can be presented in many styles depending upon the brand and its target audience. When writing a copy for a radio ad, the only factor that should be kept in mind is the age of the target audience and their interests. It matters a great deal in the context of the advertisement and decides the fate of the product.

A campaign meant to capture the younger audience can sound casual and informal. The style that it is being represented in can be laidback and casual varying according to their age. A factor that backs this is that they talk similarly and expect others to use the same language for a dialogue with them. By using the style of language we send a direct message to them with utmost clarity and perfection.

AVG advertising agency provides many styles of copies to suit your needs and earn your brand that invaluable space on the medium that has no face and is casually called blind. It can do wonders for your brand and put it in line with the competition.


It is a short tune used in the advertising for commercial purposes. The jingle contains one or more hooks or lyrics that explicitly promote the product being advertised, usually through the use of slogans. Ad buyers use jingles in radio and television commercials; they can also be used in non-advertising contexts to establish or maintain a brand image. Jingles are a form of sound branding.

Jingles make radio ads fun and cheerful. They add a sparkle to the advertisement and make them a viable and interesting option.

They are not restricted only to kids brands or those brands used for recreational purposes. They can be used for varied types of brands and products. With a little modification in the kind of language used or the execution it can take the brand places and prove worthy. They are quick and spontaneous and are capable of sending the message across in an instant.

Instituting a jingle into a radio advertisement include tremendous efforts and team work. Making it a perfect mix of the right lyrics, good music, smart narration and ensuring that the content is according to the kind of audience being targeted. AVG Advertising Agency provides amazing ideas and concepts to promote your brand to the radio listeners and do it in a smart way.

When it comes to radio listeners their attention span is very small and there is a need for serving them the treat in the quickest and crispest form. If it is loosely bound instead of being crisp and to the point it will fail to engage the listeners and bore them. A good script is essential for a good radio advertisement.

AVG Advertising Agency is fully adept at giving you amazingly creative ideas and concepts that if executed perfectly they can take your brand places. You can rely on us for an impressive campaign and we will give you your brand in a refurbished state.