Electronic Media

Ad-Film production

From Bland to Brand.

The idiot-box enjoys an impressive amount of attention from every age group today. Everyone is hooked onto it and can spare a good amount of time watching or scanning through channels.

Each advertisement break is a crucial moment, both for the audience and the brands featured in the advertisements. We need to cash in on that moment to grab their attention and let them have a glimpse of products or services they desire but are reluctant because of inadequate information. The advertisements provide them with just the right amount of information needed to convince them to buy it.

AVG aims to announce itself as a print cum production house dabbling in various forms of the medium.

Infomercials are a great tool to send across the message with maximum impact. The effect to which they are being exploited can be argued. This is indeed the era of online revolutions and AVG Group aims at bringing out the best in your brand through a variety of media exploiting each one of these media to their best use.

We have helped brands to develop high level brand videos and online shows, from educational to inspirational. It’s a boon to communicate.